Wanna Play Bingo? Find Out How!

Bingo is one of the most played and commonly liked games. This game can be played as in the professional circles at gaming houses so in the circle of relatives and friends at one’s house. To play bingo at home a person will need to acquire special items, such as bingo cards, balls, chips and so on. More professional gatherings will require obligatory purchase of bingo cage or bingo flashboard. Everything depends on the level of the planned event. One of the things that must be known by all players is the rules. They can be different as there are two variants of bingo game.

The US bingo involves 75 bingo balls and cards with 24 numbers placed in 5 rows to 5 columns. The US bingo cards have the word “bingo” titled the columns, thus the balls have not only numbers but also the letter of the column. This variant of bingo can offer player to cover numbers which will eventually make the picture. Another variation of this game is called UK bingo and it has 90 balls used in the process. The UK bingo cards are different from the US ones. They have 15 numbers placed in 3 rows to 9 columns. And the rules are supposed to announce three winners during the game. The first is announced after he or she cover one line, the second – after two lines covered. And the leading winner is that who covers the whole card. Now you know how to play bingo and it is high time to do it.